The Ultimate Hair Removal Laser System

Two Wavelengths in One System: Alexandrite (755 nm) and Nd:YAG (1064 nm)

AvalancheLase® performs exceptionally safe, fast and effective treatments that can be performed with just one accessory, without the need to use separate handpieces or scanners when switching between wavelengths. AvalancheLase® combines ultimate speed and flexibility with the latest technologies such as Fotona’s Innovative DMC™ Cooling & MatrixView® sensors.

DMC™ Cooling for Maximum Safety and Comfort

With Fotona’s innovative, patent-pending Dry Spray Molecular Cooling (DMC™) technology integrated into the handpieces and scanners, there is no need for an additional cold-air cooling device, lowering investment costs. This revolutionary technology improves comfort and enhances safety, using room temperature air and water so there is no risk of cryo-injury by over-cooling the skin.

The benefits of DMC™ cooling include:

  • More effective cooling of the skin, achieving a lower temperature faster
  • Non-contact, homogeneous cooling for small and large skin areas, including large scanner treatments
  • One container of demineralized water (0.7 L) lasts for a full-day of laser procedures
  • Eliminates odor

Ultimate Power for Ultimate Speed

The superior power of AvalancheLase® technology allows the system to generate extremely large spot sizes (30 mm) and exceptionally high frequencies. Optimal speed combined with a wide range of spot sizes in a single handpiece assures shorter treatment times, allowing practitioners to manage patient turnover quickly and increase revenues.

Hair Removal Based on Fotona’s Unique Avalanche Method

  • Delivers consecutive pulses
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Faster and comfortable treatments
  • Patient-friendly
  • Safe for all skin types

The AvalancheLase® treatment modes are based on the discovery of an “avalanche” effect leading to an increasingly enhanced absorption of laser light in the treated hair following each successively delivered laser pulse. The avalanche process continues until the absorption is high enough for the hair to get damaged. The multi-pass, low-fluence modes of AvalancheLase® thus enable extremely effective, patient-friendly hair removal treatments.

MatrixView® for Optimal Efficacy and Control

Fotona’s MatrixView® unit is a non-contact skin temperature sensor for AvalancheLase® that carefully monitors the patient’s skin temperature during procedures. MatrixView® is integrated with the system’s handpieces and scanners, providing continuously updated feedback via the laser system’s user interface display to ensure greater effectiveness, safety and control during treatments.

Advanced Handpiece Technology – for Unrivaled Control

Designed with the highest quality biocompatible materials such as titanium and gold, Fotona’s innovative handpiece technology optimizes the delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area.

Key Treatments

  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Onychomycosis
  • Acne & Acne Scar Revision
  • Laser Podiatry



LX-Runner Scanner


Laser Podiatry

Clinical Results

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